• 26 Congresso Brasileiro de Medicina do Exercício e do Esporte

    De 21 a 23 de Agosto de 2014. Ouro Minas Palace Hotel - Belo Horizonte - MG

  • Curso International Actividad Fisico y Envelhecimento Saludabel 2014

    Oct 10-11, Aruba. Pa profesionalnan den: Educacion fisico, medicina, enfermeria, fisioterapia y salud.

  • The 6TH TAFISA World Sport for All Games

    As the result of the decision of the TAFISA General Assembly in 2011, the next TAFISA World Sport for All Games will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, November 10 – 16, 2016. The Games will be hosted by TAFISA’s Indonesian Member Organization Indonesia Sport for All Federation (FORMI) and the city of Jakarta.

  • Epode


    Epode International Network's mission is to reduce childhood obesity prevalence through sustainable strategies based on Community Based Programmes (CBPs).

  • Paths to Success – Inspiring Future Leaders

    From 14 to 16 November 2014, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) and Freie Universität Berlin will jointly host the 4th international seminar “Paths to Success – Inspiring Future Leaders.”

World Day of Physical Activity

Physical Activity: A golden goal for health! April 6th, 2014

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10 Steps to World Day of Physical Activity - Download

Celebrate with us the World Day for Physical Activity.

Register your action in commemoration of the World Day for Physical Activity.

agita-mundo premio2014agita-mundo premio2014 

The “Agita Mundo Award 2014”

The "Agita Mundo Award" is the global annual recognition award for outstanding activities in physical activity promotion.

Who can apply for the award?

All projects registered for the “World Day for Physical Activity 2013” can apply for the "Agita Mundo Award 2014"

What will happen to the winner?

The winner of the “Agita Mundo Award 214” will be announced at the “World Conference on Physical Activity and Public Health” in Rio de Janeiro on 9 April 2014. Representatives of the winning project will be invited to the conference.

How are applications judged?

Applications are assessed by the Agita Mundo Executive Board and the Agita Mundo Advisory Board based on the following criteria:

  • How well did the project or activity use the 2013 theme of the World Day for Physical Activity No Barriers to Physical Activity”?
  • How well has the activity reached the people it wanted to reach?
  • Has it helped people to become and remain active beyond the World Day of Physical Activity?
  • Can the approach help other people to become and remain active?

What do you have to do to apply?

Visit the site http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1542114/Agita-Mundo-Award-2014 and record their actions.

How long can you apply?

The application deadline is 7 March 2014.

Supporting Documents

Agita Mundo Awards 2014 - Participation

Agita Mundo Award 2014 - Questionnaire


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After 15 years of implementation of the Program for Agita São Paulo, State Health Secretariat of São Paulo with the technical and scientific advice of the Center Studies of Physical Fitness Laboratory from São Caetano do Sul - CELAFISCS, the program was adopted as a national strategy promoting health through the practice of regular physical activity. In this light came the Program Agita Brazil, with support from the Ministry of Health, also beyond national borders with the Agita America. In 2005 the partnership was established with the Municipality of São Paulo and the creation of Agita Sampa.

Considered model program to promote health by the World Health Organization - WHO, it was decided during the 54th World Health Assembly in 2002 that the World Health Day would have as its theme the promotion of physical activity. Thus was born the "Agita Mundo", inspired by Agita São Paulo  its international impact has been maintained by the WHO as a permanent event. From then, the April 6 became the World Day of Physical Activity.

The celebration event to Agita Mundo in 2010 managed to organize more than 2500 events in several countries. In São Paulo, its more than 400 institutional partners, more than 15,000 people gathered on the walk in the MASP Paulista Avenue to the Legislative Assembly in Ibirapuera.

Walk Agita MundoWalk Agita Mundo

Walk Agita MundoWalk Agita Mundo

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