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  • 06.02.17
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  • João Pedro Junior
  • Agita Mundo
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A Case Study on Agita São Paulo: Defeating NCDs through Physical Activity

NCDs, which stand for non-communicable diseases and include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and chronic lung diseases, are the 21st century’s greatest health challenge. Two out of three deaths today are caused by NCDs, with 80% of these occurring in developing countries. The prevalence of NCDs is rapidly rising and outstripping communicable diseases in most regions. By 2030, NCDs are projected to cause nearly five times as many deaths as communicable diseases world wide. NCDs are also a major development concern, as these diseases increase poverty, and increased poverty results in rising rates of NCDs. All people, rich and poor, are affected by the NCD epidemic, but none more so than the poorest populations in developing countries.