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  • 06.02.17
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  • João Pedro Junior
  • Agita SP
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Youth Knowledge of Physical Activity Health Benefits: A Brazilian Case Study

This study presents the findings of a questionnaire-based investigation of knowledge about the relationship of physical activity to health among adolescent participants of acommunity-based physical activity intervention program in São Paulo, Brazil. Qualitative (inductive content analysis) and quantitative methods were applied to examine theparticipants’ responses to two open-ended questions concerning the health benefits of physical activity and the educational goals of the intervention. More than 75% of allparticipants stated that health benefits (of some type) are attained through participation inphysical activity. More than 50% of participants reported that the goal of the interventionwas to educate people about the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Adolescentsunderstand the relationship of physical activity to health as reflected in their knowledge assessments; their lifestyle choices support these beliefs. These findings offerencouragement for the development and implementation of educationally orientedinterventions aimed at providing physical activity information and programming.

KEYWORDS: adolescent, physical activity, health knowledge, Brazil