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  • 06.02.17
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  • João Pedro Junior
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Global Partnering to Promote Physical Activity in the Larger Context of Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Miami

Dr. Matsudo outlined the role and accomplishments of CELAFISCS in not only advancing population level physical activity in Sao Paulo and Brazil but also the major contribution CELAFISCS is making at the global level. He noted that despite the remarkable scientific work that has been done over the past 20 years linking NCDs and physical inactivity, population level physical activity remains unacceptably low. Our challenge is not a matter of what to do  it is a matter of how to do it. The Agita Sao Paulo program attempts to do just this.Victor briefly outlined the elements of the Agita Sao Paulo ecological model (Figure 2) that includes multi elements in 3 main areas of focus: Interpersonal components, Social environmental components and Physical environmental components. Throughout the model, strategic partnerships, especially intellectual partnerships (researchers from around the world) and institutional partnerships (health, sport, education, urban planning, etc) have been especially important. Annual scientific meetings with leading scholars from around the world have strengthened internal capacity to deliver programs.