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  • 06.02.17
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  • João Pedro Junior
  • Agita SP
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Public Policy Actions Needed to Promote Physical Activity

Abstract Physical inactivity is a major risk factor forcardiovascular disease, and strategies to increase activity levels are as important to population health as smokingcessation, cholesterol control, or preventing obesity. TheWorld Health Organization has identified that governmentsand non-government agencies have a central role in the creation of environments that facilitate physical activity changes by individuals, families, and communities. This article describes recent policy-related programs at a larges caleor national level to promote physical activity. This isproposed with in a frame work that codifies evidence-basedpolicy actions, based on the International Physical ActivityRecommendations. Examples are provided of current policy actions from diverse settings around the world. Finally, future policy directions needed for the promotion of physical activity are discussed and related research needs identified.

Keywords Physical activity. Health policy. Healthpromotion . Disease prevention