Agita Mundo Meeting

reuniao agita mundo

The Agita Mundo Meeting is organized by CELAFISCS - São Caetano do Sul Physical Fitness Laboratory Studies Center. Its objective is to bring together the partner institutions, national and international network advisors, as well as invited guests to discuss strategies for successful intervention around of the world, and the themes for the World Day of Physical Activity and for the Implementation of the Global Agenda for Promotion of Physical Activity.

The Agita Mundo Meeting takes place during the International Symposium on Sport Sciences held in October in the city of São Paulo.

The Agita Mundo Network understands that it is extremely important to have its employees, partners and members acting actively in the discussion of points and maintenance of the network. Everyone is welcome, join us!


For more information, please contact us by phones/fax: +55 11 4229.8980 or +55 11 4229.9643 - contact