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The Agita Mundo Network stimulates research and encourages the dissemination of information on the benefits of physical activity and the realization of effective strategies to increase the physical activity level of the population. The network also supports the development of programs and networks of local physical activity and worldwide.

In the last decade, a sedentary lifestyle has been addressed as one of the major risk factors for developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. It is recognized as one of the main enemies of public health in the world, not only for its high prevalence and the high mortality, confirmed by recent publication of the World Health Organization points as the fourth leading cause of death among the 19 main, ahead even obesity and hypercholesterolemia in the world accounting for three million deaths.

Agita Mundo meeting

2015 agita mundo network

The Agita Mundo Meeting is organized by CELAFISCS - Fitness Laboratory Studies Centre Physics of São Caetano do Sul, aims to bring together the partner institutions, national and international advisers of the network as well as invited to discuss successful intervention strategies around the world, themes for the World Day of Physical Activity and the Global Agenda Implementation for Promoting Physical Activity.

The Network Agita Mundo considers it extremely important to have your employees, partners and members to participate in the discussion points and network maintenance.

World Day of Physical Activity

After 15 years of implementation of the Agita São Paulo Program by the Ministry of Health of São Paulo with technical and scientific advice of CELAFISCS - Fitness Laboratory Studies Centre Physics of São Caetano do Sul, the program has been adopted as the national strategy promoting health through regular physical activity. In this light came Agita Program Brazil, with support from the Ministry of Health, also across national borders with Agita America.

Considered model program to promote health by the WHO - World Health Organization World Saúde was decided during the 54th World Health Assembly in 2002 that the World Health Day would have as its theme the promotion of physical activity. Thus was born the Agita Mundo, inspired by Agita São Paulo that for its international impact, was maintained by the WHO as a permanent event.

Since then, the April 6 became the World Day of Physical Activity.

The Agita Mundo celebration event in 2011 managed to organize more than 2,500 events in several countries. In Sao Paulo, the Agita São Paulo Program through its more than 400 institutional partners, brought together more than 15,000 people in the walk from the MASP at Av. Paulista to the Legislative Assembly in Ibirapuera.

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